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Fedora Ambassadors Meeting Minutes 2005-11-24


Upcoming events

Third Saturday in January is post Christmas Installfest for BobJensen's LUG. Each installfest starts with a bit of education/proganda. The last installfest had 15 new users, 12 of them installed Fedora. Bob will put in a request for schwag after he has the final date.

JonFautley is giving a talk to a University LUG tonight. He will give a general overview of Fedora, the development cycle, included apps, etc... jon has enough supplies for this event.

HrishikeshBallal will have a local LUG meeting coming up next month, but because he is in the process of moving, he will not be able to attend. Hrishikesh will post a note to the fedora-marketing-list to recruit volunteers to jump in for him.

User Testimonials

BobJensen uses Fedora in his business and at client sites for workstations. He has 15 businesses using Linux in some way, about 230 workstations total in his area. Bob is completing a client project in the next week, the client has said he would agree to submit a user testimonial. Bob will post to

Fedora Schwag leftovers

AlexMaier has some Fedora T-Shirts and FUDCon wristbands left over from the previos event in the basement of the Red Hat office in Munich. She will be in Munich late in December and will distribute the shirts between European Ambassadors. The wristbands will be shipped to RDU in order to be taken to the next FUDCon.

Meeting Times

In order to accommodate different time zones, we will attempt an experiment in th ecoming weeks: Every other week, the meeting will be held at 22 UTC and in the weeks inbetween the meeting will be held at 14 UTC.

Let us see how this works.

See you all next week,