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Fedora Ambassadors Meeting Minutes 2006-01-26

Next meeting



  • GeroldKa has invited Niklot and Xenion to participate the meeting later on, because they may be interested in becoming Ambassadors

Upcoming Events

Solutions Linux (Paris, abompard)

  • abompard received stuff for Soultions Linux
  • it was still in one piece, but not far from torn apart
  • abompard will be able to attend 2 days out of 3
  • abompard is translating Fred's slides to french right now

GNUify (Pune, mether)

  • the original slides - about 50 or so are in:
  • mether is cutting down and reorganising them based on a new idea
  • otherwise nothing else to report on

FUDCon @ LinuxAsia (New Delhi, mether)

  • Planning for this is going well; schedule is almost finished; schwag is delivered; we're just about ready to go.
  • mether is rewriting the slides and will upload it when its done to the common pool
  • all the arrangements are mostly done by now

SCALE 4x (tchung)

  • tchung received 70 t-shirts and 150 DVDs.
  • planning to burn 50 more DVDs himself.
  • tchung will take a lot of pictures at the event to record it and report about it.
  • tchung is not sure about a blog but there will be plenty of pictures and a special coverage in FWN. :)
  • quaid - sorry I'm not going to make it SCALE, I'm cutting back on travel it seems


  • tchung ok. I suppose I could cook something up in local stationey store. :)
  • JoseTarazona Banner for shows (I'm working on two events for Universities, dates still pending.) and one for a website for my country
  • gregdek lxmaier: I'm starting to think it makes more sense to manufacture centrally and ship.
  • lxmaier i could supervise the manufacturing in Germany and/or UK
  • lxmaier and we could have [sasquatch] ship them out to other locations within europe
  • gregdek will have an update on schwag coming up this week, which will include banners etc.


  • gregdek OK, no Fred. We'll discuss FOSDEM later
  • barz lwce in sydney is targeting businesses and .org booths are way two expensive.
  • we decided dropping this one, not suitable 4 FC's audience or budget.
  • It will be removed from the wiki
  • ChitleshGoorah has secured a booth for Fedora for the Strasbourg event. He posted it lately on the M.list
  • ChitleshGoorah Sure if someone is interested can join me
  • ChitleshGoorah If not Ill be with my gf and maybe a fedora user too
  • ChitleshGoorah our lug is looking for hotels which can provide us cheap prices for the event :)
  • JoseTarazona I'm interested, count with me
  • monkey|wrk I might be able to attend the linuxworldexpo in Sydney
  • barz they do have .org, but same prices
  • LWCE Sydney will be removed from events list
  • richard Tuttle has added OSCON to the event list, which is outstanding. We will need an update from him.
  • nman64 Unfortunately, we can't provide a bunch of money for everyone to get to every event (we'd love to if we could), so we have to consider each event and decide where the money should go. The same budget is also used for producing merchandise. The Steering Committee is working on policies and procedures to get everything moving smoothly. If ever you have an event near you that you would like to try to get to, come up with a budget and let us know what you need. We'll do the best we can. Part of being an ambassador is acting as the regional contact for the team. We can add links to the ambassador pages from that page. If a local user wants us to attend or wants our support, they should contact their local Ambassador.
  • maikaru ok... those events in stockholm are the expensive ones and those in gothenburg are the not so expensive... i know ppl there that i can sleep at if needed... i plan to contact the biggest computermagazine in sweden so swedish ppl will know about me soon ;)

Fedora Libraries (Chitlesh)

  • launched FedoraLibraries in the list. ambassadors need to move ASAP for this project. the discussion to continue on the list.

FUDCon / LinuxTag at Wiesbaden

  • lxmaier and gregdek had a conversation with Florian Brand from RH Germany today. GeroldKa and Florian will be co-owners.

Schwag pipeline

  • gregdek We've got a plan that I'll be publicising to ambassadors-list later today.
  • Goal: to have the schwag pipeline up, funded and working by March 15th. Right now, we've got a lot of requests, but not a lot of resources. Yet. But "help is on the way".
  • BUT: we will NOT be sending single T-shirts or anything like that. We will be sending KITS to ambassadors. Too expensive to drop-ship single Ts and hats and such.
  • Kits, as of right now, will consist of:
  • Hats;
  • Pens;
  • Stickers;
  • Posters.
  • However many we can fit into about $100 worth of stuff.
  • Note: this does NOT include t-shirts. Why?
  • Because T-shirts are:
  • expensive for what you get;
  • always in the wrong size;
  • bulkier to ship.
  • Note: there WILL be a place to ORDER shirts, but they will NOT be part of the kits.
  • nman64 In the future, we should be able to work with a service like CafePress or Spreadshirt to offer T-shirts and other merchandise as a fundraising tool, but not yet.



  • FrancescoUgolini - I have only to say that i'm working on the fedora installation guide in italian, i've done the beginning and the first chapter, and i think in a week or two i've finished to traduce. So see ya the next week and good night