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Tech talk on Fedora and Fedora 11 Release Party @ SASTRA University,Thanjavur, India

When and Where?

11 a.m. , 23th of August 2009, SASTRA Univ., Thanjavur, Tamilnadu, India.


  1. Spreading the word Linux and Open Source
  2. Introducing Fedora project and features of Fedora Desktop.
  3. Fedora 11 installation.
  4. Demonstration of basic software installation like Vlc, MPlayer, Gstreamers etc.(As opensource applications)
  5. Fedora for engineers and students (from using ->learning ->contributing).
  6. Running windows applications using wine.
  7. Provide solutions for hardware compatibility issues(Driver problems).
  8. Demonstration of several development packages and softwares such as gcc library and jdk installation
  9. C/C++ Java programming under fedora.
  10. Software Management - PackageKit, Yum, Yum plugins and RPM
  11. Fedora booth for interested participants who have any doubt.


  • Organizing a seminar for engineering students.
  • Organizing Fedora installation fest.
  • Posters & Stickers distribution.
  • Fedora dvd distribution.

Target Audience

  • Engineering students(from all branches mainly CSE, IT and ICT ).
  • Expected number of audience 150+


Presentation to download

fedora 11 and subprojects

fedora 11 installation