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SWAG Wrangling Best Practices Guide

This page is a draft only
It is still under construction and content may change. Do not rely on the information on this page.

This document is designed to provide some basic guidelines for the distribution of Fedora SWAG. Below are first general best practices for SWAG Wrangling, followed by regional recommendations from other contributors.

General Best Practices

Feel free to add Best Practices below that may help SWAG Wranglers in a general way.

If your idea is incomplete, please do not add it here, but rather on the Talk page.

Organize a Swag Bazaar

The swag bazaar can be organized at any time during the FUDCon event, but it's probably best to do on the last day, just before leaving.

Be sure to notify relevant mailing lists (most notably ambassadors and marketing) about the bazaar, so that people participating to FUDCon can bring their remaining material.

Remember to provide small boxes on the Bazaar room, so it's easier to bring the material back.

APAC Recommendations

EMEA Recommendations

LATAM Recommendations

NA Recommendations

Divide NA into Regions

It's easier to ship media and other SWAG when the distance between the wrangler and the destination are shorter. In general, most requests happen in the East and West coasts, some happen in the Midwest and Canada and very few happen in the Mountain West. To that end, as SWAG is ordered, corresponding shipments be sent to each wrangler in these areas.

A trac instance at https://fedorahosted/famnarequests is in place and requestors can place orders for SWAG/Media needed for specific events, or an Ambassador Kit.

Regional Inventory Page

Each ambassador in possession of swag materials, should post a detailed count of all materials, by type, and size and thus a national inventory can be estimated to help plan for events with a lesser margin of error and also potentially reduce costs.