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Fedora 桌面使用者指南


目标: 如何用桌面应用程序完成指定任务。

读者: 不熟悉 Linux 而又想把 Fedora Linux 作为他们的桌面电脑使用的人。

Approach: This document explains basic principles by covering one principle at a time. The document does not assume familiarity with any Linux/UNIX-specific terminology or concepts. Functionality is also compared, where appropriate, to what the reader may know from other OSes, particularly Microsoft Windows.

Assumptions: The reader has a standard Desktop class installation of Fedora, including a user account with the default settings. The reader does not have access to the root password.

Related Documents: The AdministrationGuide documents tasks that require root access. The GettingStartedGuide is a general introduction to using Fedora.

Writers: MattBird, CodyDeHaan, DamienDurand, JohnBabich

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Table of Contents

Summary of Sections


Logging into the Desktop

Tour of the Desktop

Using Media

Accessing the Web


Office Tools

Playing Multimedia

Playing Games

Managing Photos

Sharing Your Desktop

Customizing the Desktop

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