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When & Where

15 October 2011 in Beihang University, Beijing, on China Open Source Week Communities Day the China Open Source Week (11-17 October 2011)


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  1. Feedback from User:jcome and User:Alick
  2. Feedback from User:csslayer
  3. Feedback from Minghui Du

Event owners


Name Fas Name Email Location Topic Evening Fun
Harish Pillay User:harishpillay Singapore State of the Community Anything
Gerard Braad User:gbraad Beijing Mozilla Firefox HTML5
Hongqing, YANG User:Hongqing Beijing None
Tommy He User:Lovenemesis Xi'an Transifex Yes
Zhao Tao User:Alick Beijing TeX Live Yes
Caius Chance (join broadcast only) User:Kaio Brisbane No No
Tiansworld User:Tiansworld Tianjin No No
Aron Xu User:Aron Beijing No No
Wei Guo Beijing No Yes
Jackie Lee User:jackielee Beijing No Yes
Rui He User:Rhe Beijing No
Amos Kong User:Kongove Beijing No
Mike Cao User:vipmike007 Beijing No
Peng Wu User:pwu Beijing undecided
DeShi Xiao User:Xds2000 Beijing undecided
James Ni User:jamesni Beijing No
Xuetian Weng User:csslayer Beijing No Yes
Caspar Zhang User:caspar Beijing No
Vincent Li User:ruconse Beijing No
York Wong User:ethinx Beijing No
Tim Liu User:maikanuodi070 Beijing No
Jaylin Zhou User:jaylin Beijing No
Botu Sun User:botus Beijing No Yes
Tao Wu User:Wutao85 Beijing No Yes
Yu Chen User:jcome Guangdong Synfig Studio
Xiaoran Zhao User:zxrlha Beijing No
Tong Hui User:tonghuix Beijing No Yes
Kou Zuyang User:leafduo Beijing No Maybe
Mary Beijing No Maybe
William Beijing No Maybe
VF22 Beijing No Yes
mathslinux Beijing No Maybe
Edison Zhao Beijing No Maybe
Jian Qiu Beijing No Maybe
Tengkai Cui Beijing No Maybe
Cheer Xiao Beijing No Maybe
Michael.Cho Beijing No Maybe
Yuan Chen Beijing No Yes
Wei Mu Beijing No Yes
Jian Wen Beijing No Maybe
Jahweh Yoda Beijing No Maybe
Hongyu Du Beijing No Maybe
Adam Lee Beijing No Maybe
Yang Hamo Bai Beijing No Maybe
Qingtang Zhou User:Qzhou Beijing No Maybe
Wei He Beijing No Maybe
Yue Liu Beijing No Maybe
Heda Wang Beijing No Maybe
Mingjian Li Beijing No No
Ann Ren Beijing No Maybe
Kai Li Beijing No Maybe
Xin Yue Beijing No Maybe
Shuo Wang Beijing No Maybe
Yu Peng User:yupeng820921 Beijing No Maybe
Fayu Jiang Beijing No Yes
Xiaoqing Wei User: weixq316 Beijing No Maybe
Mocheng Xiang User:xiangmocheng Beijing No No
Jin Li Beijing No Maybe
Xiaolei Ren Beijing No Maybe
Handong Zhu Beijing No Maybe
Xiaodong Xu Nanchong No Yes
Yuanchun Shang User:Ideal Beijing No Maybe
Ping Liu Beijing No Maybe
Hao Chen Beijing No Maybe
Xinwei Yang Beijing No Maybe
Minghui Du Beijing No Maybe
Peipei Sun Beijing No Maybe
Shihua Zhang Beijing No Maybe
Zhenpeng Ding Beijing No Maybe

High-Level Schedule

Time Activity
09:00~10:00 Arrival/Registration
10:10~12:30 Morning Talk
12:40~14:20 Lunch Pizza
14:30~17:50 Afternoon workshop and unconference
18:00 Leaving
19:00~22:00 Evening Fun

Topics and Agenda

Activity Topic Presenter
Morning Talk State of the Community Harish Pillay
Afternoon workshop and unconference Translation using Transifex Tommy He & Tiansworld
KDE Plasma Widget Explore CSSlayer
Synfig Studio Intro and Demo jcome
Texlive Hands-on alick


Lunch @ Big Pizza

Evening Fun is open to discuss!

Funding Required

  1. T-shirt and related
  2. Miscellaneous and Traveling Expense

Event Brochure


Event Photos and Videos

  1. Captured by User:Tiansworld
  2. Captured by User:Lovenemesis
  3. Record of the Speech by User:harishpillay

Prepared Meeting Minutes

  1. 2011-07-08
  2. 2011-07-15
  3. 2011-07-29
  4. 2011-09-16
  5. 2011-09-30