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[[Category:Fedora sub-projects]]
{{:Docs Project mission statement}}
== I want to... ==
* '''[[:Category:Documentation|I want to find documentation.]]'''
* '''[[Reporting problems with Docs|I want to report a problem.]]'''
* '''[[L10N|I want to translate documents.]]'''
* '''[[What the Docs Project does|I want to know what the Documentation Project does.]]'''
* '''[[Join the Docs Project|I want to join the Documentation Project.]]'''
== How to communicate with the Docs Project ==
* '''Mailing List:''' For formal discussions, the Fedora Documentation Project uses the [] mailing list.
* '''[[How to use IRC|IRC]]:''' For informal discussions about Fedora Documentation, many members of the project frequent the '''#fedora-docs''' channel on ''''''.
* '''Meetings:''' Weekly Fedora Documentation Project meetings are held on Wednesdays at 2300 UTC, in the '''#fedora-meeting''' channel on ''''''. Check out the [[Docs Project meetings| Meetings]] wiki page for past meetings minutes, and the agenda for the upcoming meeting.
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== The difference between the "wiki" and "guides" ==
Documents typically begin life on the Fedora wiki.  This is to aid the development of the document until it can be finalized.  Unfinished documents are categorized as [[:Category:Draft_Documentation]].  Once the document is deemed complete, the Draft_Documentation category is replaced by the [[:Category:Documentation]] category.
If the documentation is deemed to be "official" and in need of a more permanent home, the wiki pages are translated into Docbook XML which can then be used to generate HTML and RPM files that are distributed to the public.  HTML files are published at and RPM files are published in the Fedora repository.
More details are found on the [[Docs Project workflow]] page.
== What we are working on now. ==
=== Task list ===
We use [ Red Hat's Bugzilla instance] for tracking issues and tasks within the Docs Project.  It is always helpful to provide input and patches to bugs.
You can [ query] [ Bugzilla] or use one of the following links to find tickets that are open:
* [ New tickets that have not been assigned].
* [ All tickets, new and assigned, that have not been closed].
== Documentation licensing ==
All documentation produced by Fedora is released under the [ Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike License 3.0 Unported License].

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