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Fedora 设计团队是一个为 Fedora 项目做设计的小组。我们的兴趣不仅仅是美工,也致力于推广有创意的工具给所有用户。


Máirín Duffy





The Events Ninjas take care of ambassador design requests and manage & help provide design work for Fedora events, including FUDcon. Read more at the Events Ninjas wiki page



Ticket Triager

  • ixxvil




  • Serve as a design firm for the Fedora community, creating artwork and designs to for the Fedora community on request
How can we measurably achieve this goal? If we advertise this service properly to the Fedora community, successfully get a stream of requests (let's say at least 5 requests per month for a start), and if we can fulfill at least 5 requests per month to the satisfaction of the person requesting them, we can say we have successfully met this goal.
  • Provide resources (tutorials, art assets, advice) and encouragement for the use of the FOSS creative tools available in Fedora, under open licenses to demonstrate the importance of the application of FOSS ideas to creative content; using FOSS tools in the creation of our artwork so it serves as a showcase for those tools;
How can we measurably achieve this goal? If we can provide the community with at least 1 major resource (tutorial, article, art asset, scheduled lesson event, scheduled outreach event (such as a contest to promote FOSS art tools) under an open license, then we can say we have successfully met this goal.
  • Make it easy for 'creative contributors' to contribute to the Fedora project.
How can we measurably achieve this goal? If we can attract at least one contributor every 3 months (for example, at least every three months someone new to the artTeam completes a request in the service request pages below), then we could probably say we have successfully met this goal.

Services Provided to the Fedora Community

The Design Team provides the following services to the Fedora Community:

  • Web Graphic Design or Interaction Design - Are you the administrator of a Fedora web app but need some icons or a nice template to spruce it up? Think you need to improve the usability of your application but you're not sure how? Do you want to run a marketing campaign on the Fedora wiki but need some graphical banners?
  • Marketing Collateral Design - Are you a Fedora Ambassadors or member of the marketing team, and need a quick poster or banner for an event you're helping organize? Do you need other collateral such as CD/DVD labels, sticker designs, t-shirt designs, or some illustrations to help make your event or campaign a success?
  • Documentation Illustration - Working on a how-to or reference guide for Fedora, and think an illustration, diagram, or icon would help make your point clearer?

If you have a request for any of the services listed above or other services you think the Design Team can help you with, post a new Design team ticket.







我们有关 Fedora 41 的计划在此刊出:


We have weekly meetings on Tuesdays at 1900 UTC. (That's 3 PM EDT!) We hold our meetings in #fedora-design on Come stop by and meet everybody if you're interested in getting started with our team!




我们有专有的反馈系统,它位于。如果您想跟我们一同设计,那么您不仅需要 在反馈系统新建一个 Ticket,还需要在我们的官方邮件列表 design-team 中通知我们。






Some of the Design Team also started their own projects loosely connected to the Fedora and developed mostly by Design Team members but which can be used outside of Fedora as well. These include:

  • Echo Icon Project: two similar sets of modern icon themes, one aiming to replace bluecurve (Echo Icon Theme), the other aiming at fitting well with modern gnome and kde icon themes (Echo Perspective)
  • Nodoka Theme: themes for graphical user interface elements.

The Fedora Usability Lab

  • Assembly Instructions - so you've got the big black usability box somehow. How do you put it together to get ready to run usability tests? Learn here!
  • Running A Usability Test - you've got the usability lab all set up! Now what? How do you run a test?
  • Post-Test Data Processing - you've just finished a bunch of usability tests - yay! But how do you get the video data off of the usability lab DVR and up on the web to share?
  • Analyzing Usability Data - you've got your videos and filled out task sheets for each of your usability testers. How do you turn that into useful data for developres? Learn how here!
  • Usability Lab Specs - want to purchase parts to assemble your own usability lab? Learn how we did here!

How Tos




Working with Designs for Print

Standard Fedora Projects Graphics How-To's

Working with the Gimp