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Blacksburg, Virginia :: January 13 - 15, 2012 — General event owners: Ben Williams, Robyn Bergeron, Jared Smith

FUDCon Blacksburg is over.
For blog posts and reflections from attendees, see FUDCon:Blacksburg_2012_Blogs.

Event Details

The 2012 North America FUDCon will be held in Blacksburg, Virginia, on the campus of Virginia Tech, January 13 - 15, 2012.

FUDCon is the Fedora Users and Developers Conference, a major free software event held in various regions around the world, usually annually per region. FUDCon is a combination of sessions, talks, workshops, and hackfests in which contributors work on specific initiatives. Topics include infrastructure, feature development, community building, general management and governance, marketing, testing and QA, packaging, etc.

FUDCon is always free to attend for anyone in the world.


Blacksburg, Virginia, on the campus of Virginia Tech.

Hackfests: Friday, Sunday (2nd Floor McBryde Hall) (tentative) (Room Survey)

BarCamp: Saturday (100 and 2nd Floor McBryde Hall) (Tentative) (Room Survey)

FUDPub: Breakzone, Squires Student Center (Tentative) (Reservation Form)

catering corkage fees and license fees


January 13-15, 2012


Please add your name to the list if you will attend. Also, please indicate the following:
  • Put an X in the $$$ column if you need funding to attend, and visit the FUDCon ticket tracker to make a funding request. We have a limited budget and will work hard to fund as many people as possible. We'll use these answers to help figure out budgeting for the event. We are making arrangements for attendees from other geographic regions to encourage specific initiatives such as future FUDCon events, but preference may otherwise be given to people in North America.
  • Put a V in the Veg column if you would like vegetarian fare for any meals that we provide during the event. If you prefer vegan fare, please mark that column VV. We will do our best to make sure everyone is accommodated! Note: "Hell No" and similar statements are offensive to some and should not be included in this column.
  • Put your T-shirt size in the Size column, so we can have an idea about what sizes to have available. Only Unisex (Mens Sizes will be ordered)
  • Roomsharing:
    1. If you want or need to share a room, mark yes in the "Roomshare?" column.
    2. Once you have a roommate, both of you should mark your roommate's name in the block as well.
    3. If you need a roommate, look for someone with just a yes in the column, and contact them via email. If you encounter any problems, let the organizers know.
Use the Comments section for anything else you think organizers need to know, or to offer or ask for space or rides.
Fedora means freedom — registration is free and open to everyone.
You can pre-register anonymously, but now is a great time to create a Fedora account if you don't have one! For those new to Fedora, you can register in the Fedora Account System and follow the instructions there to complete the FPCA. This process usually takes less than 5 minutes. The information you enter below is viewable by anyone, and is considered Publicly Available Personal Information.
# Name $$$ Veg Size Roomshare? Hotel booked? Comments (extra line for badge)
001 Kenny Armstrong XL
002 Ricky Elrod yes (scholarship) no 2X ianweller yes CodeBlock. Breaking things since 1992.
003 ian weller yes (scholarship) no L CodeBlock yes Not responsible for accidents
004 Kevin Fenzi no no XXL yes (nb) yes Man of many hats
005 Adam M Dutko yes no XL Toshio Kuratomi no chomp(); Work has pulled Adam away from being able to attend
006 Chris Tyler XL yes yes ctyler
007 John Dulaney Yes Steak XXXL Lucas Meneghel Rodrigues yes .moarbacon j_dulaney
008 Nick Bebout yes no XXL yes (nirik) yes nb
009 Scott Glaser no no XXXL Andrea Glaser no Sonar_Guy, Fedora Unity Founder
010 Andrea Glaser no no XL Scott Glaser no Sonar_Gal, Fedora Unity Founder
010 Scotty Glaser no no L Scott Glaser no Scotty Glaser
011 Maurice James no no XL no no Moe__
012 Ben Williams yes no XXL Cathy Williams
Jamie Williams
yes Host VileGent Fedora Unity Founder
013 Cathy Williams yes no XXL Ben Williams
Jamie Williams
yes Battleaxe
014 Jamie Williams yes no XXL Cathy Williams
Ben Williams
yes SGS
015 Eric Christensen yes no L Clint Savage yes Sparks / W4OTN
016 Jeroen van Meeuwen yes Hell No XL Xavier Lamien No Dutch
017 David Cantrell no no XL clumens yes dcantrell
018 Chris Lumens no no L dcantrell yes clumens
019 Clint Savage yes no XXL Eric Christensen yes herlo
020 John McDonough yes you're kidding, right? XXL yes - Eileen yes jjmcd - WB8RCR
021 Matt Domsch no no XL no yes mdomsch
022 Toshio Kuratomi yes no M yes yes Anonymous Badger (abadger1999)
023 Clyde Kunkel no no XXL no no
024 Abdel Martinez yes no S yes no potty
025 Josh Boyer no no L davej yes jwb
026 Peter Jones no no L jforbes no pjones
027 Justin Forbes no no XXL pjones no jforbes
028 Brian Lane no no XL no bcl
029 Oliver Rivas yes no XL no orvtech
030 Rahul Sundaram yes no L yes yes mether
031 David Lehman no no L no dlehman
032 Dave Johnson no no L yes no PauseBazinga
033 Frank Ch. Eigler no no L no yes
034 Dave Brolley no no XL no yes
035 Chris Meek no no M no yes
036 David Smith no no L no yes
037 Josh Stone no no XL no yes
038 Stan Cox no no L no yes
039 Will Cohen no no L no yes
040 Mark J. Wielaard no no XL no yes
041 Simon Sekidde no no XL no no ssekidde
042 Tom Callaway no V XXL no (jgreguske) no spot
043 Greg DeKoenigsberg no no L no no gregdek
044 Máirín Duffy no Vegan No thanks Emily Dirsh Yes mizmo
045 Dennis Gilmore no no XL probinson yes dgilmore
046 Jared Smith no no L yes no jsmith
047 Paul Frields no no XXL Jon Stanley yes stickster
048 Zach Oglesby no no L no no zoglesby
049 Ruth Suehle no bacontarian S no no
050 Scott Suehle no Carnivore XL no no Kilted1
051 Constantin DRABO X no XL yes no Burkina Faso FA
052 Justin O'Brien yes no XL yes no @threethirty
053 James Gross no no Med no no
054 Andy Grimm no no M gholms no mull (Eucalyptus)
055 Diego Búrigo Zacarão yes no L yes no diegobz
056 Nick Lambert no no M no: J Huestis no S@Y
057 Jordan Huestis no no L no: N Lambert no S@Y
058 Luis Bazan yes no M yes no LoKoMurdoK
059 Peter Larsen No no XXL No Yes plarsen
060 Valdis Kletnieks No No XXL No No
061 Ben Guzzardi No No XL No No failedassertion
062 Evgeny Fadeev yes no L yes no Askbot, Chile
063 Randy Cone no no L no no rC
064 Bill Nottingham no no XL no yes
065 Russell Bryant no no L no no
066 Mark Terranova x maybe M no Yes ALL Hail the Beefy Miracle!
067 Mathias HOUNGBO x no XL yes no Hi, i'm Mathias
068 Seth Vidal no V XL no no Please be nice to me.
069 Robert 'Bob' Jensen X no XL 073 no B2
070 Robert 'Bobby' Jensen X no youth(s) 072 no B3
071 Perry Myers no no XL no no
072 Jesus Rodriguez no no XXL no no
073 Kevin Mulvey no no L no no
074 Neville A. Cross yes no L Christoph Wickert yes yn1v
075 Dan Walsh no no XL no yes
076 Fabio Araujo X Carnivore L yes no Hello :)
077 Thom Carlin no no XL no yes Fedora Engineering Services
078 Klaatu no yes S no no
079 Emily Dirsh X no M Máirín Duffy no Emichan
080 Dave Jones no no M Josh Boyer no
081 Stephen Smoogen no no XL no yes bringing his dad.
082 Thomas Smoogen no no XL no yes bringing his son.
083 John Rose X no L no yes inode0
084 Elad Alfassa X no M yes no elad661
085 Mike Barker no no L no no
086 Ben Boeckel no V L yes no mathstuf
087 Mike McLean no no L no yes mikem
088 Peter Borsa X no XL Pascal Calarco no asrob
089 Keiran Smith X no M yes no It's a Beefy Miracle
090 Mark Walker no no XL no no need marwalk FredLUG
091 Peter Robinson X no L dgilmore yes pbrobinson
092 Pascal Calarco yes yes XXL Peter Borsa not yet pcalarco
093 Robyn Bergeron no I <3 beef M Amber Graner not yet Still thinking of a snarky badge comment
094 John Mark Walker no no XL no no ask me about beer or GlusterFS
095 Lucas Meneghel Rodrigues no no S John Dulaney yes Autotest guy (lmr)
096 Calvin Locklear no no M no no calbadude
099 Sandro Mathys no no S no yes red_alert
100 Christoph Wickert yes yes M Neville A. Cross yes cwickert
101 Mo Morsi no no M mathstuf not yet mmorsi / Aeolus Representative
102 Natalie Raven no no S no not needed natalie_
103 Mike McGrath no no L no Not Yet
104 Chris Whitehorn X no M Mark Terranova Yes
105 Xavier Lamien X no S Jeroen van Meeuwen no SmootherFrOgZ
106 Jonathan Steffan no L no not yet daMaestro
107 Maria "tatica" Leandro X no S yes not yet Geek - Photographer - Gamer - Venezuelan - Girl
108 Trever "tdbro" Fischer X no L yes (npmccallum) not yet tdfischer, esq., phonominal
109 Adam Miller no no XL no not yet maxamillion
My travel plans have been modified due to personal business, I will not be attending.
110 Jamie Duncan no no XXL meh. not yet RVaLUG!
111 Dennis Johnson no no L no yes old man
113 Tim Flink no V XL yes - adamw yes tflink
114 Phil Knirsch no MOOOO L yes - karsten (kick) yes S390x and PPC Secondary arch r0x!
115 Jon Stanley no Beefy Miracle, please XXL Paul Frields yes jds2001
116 Jay Dobies No No L No No jdob
117 Robert Foreman No No XL No Yes
118 M Abed M Yes Yes maxamaxim
119 John (J5) Palmieri No No S Colin Walters Yes
120 Brad Buckingham No No XL No No bbuckingham
121 Justin Sherrill No No M No No jsherrill
122 Bob McWhirter No No XXL Tall No No JBoss, TorqueBox, BoxGrinder
123 Carlisle Childress No No M No Yes
124 Marek Goldmann No No M No No JBoss / BoxGrinder
125 Karsten Hopp No No L yes - Phil Knirsch yes Kick_, PPC and System z secondary arch maintainer
126 Jon Masters V L No Fedora ARM Project
127 Brent Baude No No XL No No rangerpb ppc64
128 Eric Paris No No M No No
129 Mark Hamzy No No L No No
130 Tim Burke No No M Yes Yes Evil manager
131 Harish Pillay No No XL Yes no CommArch Overseer
132 Samuel Greenfeld No No L No No OLPC QA
133 Colin Walters No No L John (J5) Palmieri Yes GNOME
134 Greg Jurman No No XL Remy DeCausemaker No FOSS@RIT - Open Hardware / mahi
135 Remy DeCausemaker No No 3XL Greg Jurman No FOSS@RIT / decause
136 Luke Macken No No M Fotios Lindiakos No lmacken
137 Taylor Rose No No M Nathaniel Case No FOSS@RIT / trose
138 Thomas Cameron No No XL No No Chief Architect, Central + Canada, Red Hat
139 Nathaniel Case No No L Taylor Rose No FOSS@RIT / qalthos
140 Dan Prince No No M No No Rackspace/dprince
141 Clay McDonald No No 2XL No No BATES WHITE
142 Chuck Frain No No XXL No Yes Its OK to interrupt me.
143 John Franklin No No XL No Yes Sentai Digital, LLC
144 Howard Buie No No XL No No
145 Eric V. Smith No No XL No Yes
146 Francesco Crippa No No XL Yes No
147 Ralph Bean No No L Remy DeCausemaker No threebean
148 Mark Langsdorf No No L No Yes
149 Garrett Holmstrom No Only if tastier 3X Andy Grimm No gholms
150 Ivan Makfinsky No No L No Yes Endosys, Inc.
151 Brian McSpadden No No XL No Yes
152 Jimmy Dorff No No XL No Yes
153 Jeff Darcy No No L No Yes @Obdurodon
154 Russell Harrison No No L No Yes Photographer / RH Newb
155 Miles D Oliver No No XXXL No No Can only come Saturday
156 Roberto Ortiz XL
157 Scott Lambdin Vegan XXL Yes IT Peon
158 Richard Godbee No No thanks No N/A Virginia Tech Geosciences /
159 Jon LaBadie No XL No Yes
160 Brendan Conoboy No No XL No Yes Fedora ARM Project
161 Thomas Harmon No No XXL No Yes
162 Adam Williamson No Yes M Yes (tflink) Yes I'd rather be snowboarding
163 Robb Krasnow No No M Remy DeCausemaker No
164 Fotios Lindiakos No #more_bacon L Luke Macken Y ' or 1=1; DROP TABLE FUD; --

Driving down from DC/NoVA Thurs night, msg me for carpool

165 Evan McNabb No No XL No Yes
166 Jay Greguske No No L No No Cloud Rel-Eng
167 David Nalley No No XL No Yes ke4qqq
168 Kaleb KEITHLEY No No L No Yes GlusterFS, HekaFS
*** Cutoff for food and Swag, All are Welcome
169 Mike Ellery No No XL No local
170 Russ Herrold No No XXL No Yes orc_orc // wb8sky
171 Doug Ledford No No XL No Yes dledford
172 Kenny Woodosn No No L No Yes OpenShift!
173 Lukas Lozovski No V L No local
174 Eileen McDonough No No XXXL Yes - jjmcd Yes Gar'Goils - XYL WB8RCR
175 Nathaniel McCallum No No XXL yes (tdfischer) yes npmccallum
176 Sid Wilroy No No XXL yes (sidwilroy) yes sidwilroy
177 Jacob Padilla No No L No yes Loaner
178 Mario Juliano Grande Balletta No Vegan XL No Yes chanchito
179 Jordan Cwang No No XXXL yes Frojoe, Fedora ARM dude
180 Phil Benchoff No N/A N/A N/A local N3PB
181 Philip Balister No N/A N/A N/A local Minister of Progress
182 Mike Heffner No N/A XL N/A local Librato
183 Joe Schottman No N/A XL N/A local
184 Dennis Hunter No N/A XL N/A No Printing and I10n / i18n
185 Bharath Ramesh No N/A L N/A local
186 Dan Allen No N/A L N/A Yes Java, Linux and Speed
187 Sarah White No N/A M N/A Yes
188 Keith Gilbertson No N/A L N/A local
189 Thomas Tsou No N/A N/A N/A local OpenBTS
# Name $$$ Veg Size Roomshare? Hotel booked? Comments (extra line for badge)

Lodging / Hotel

The Inn at Virginia Tech and Skelton Conference Center.

901 Prices Fork Rd Blacksburg, VA 24061

Reservations: Click the Link or Call the Hotel Directly at 540 231-8000 or Toll Free 877-200-3360 and ask for the Fedora room block. Block will Expire December 28, 2011.

Cost: $90 per night plus tax (5%) -- Parking $3 per night

Travel and transportation

If you are trying to coordinate travel with other attendees, you may want to visit the travel planning page.

Getting to Blacksburg

Roanoke Regional Airport (Airport Code: ROA) is the major airport servicing the Roanoke Valley area, approximately 35 miles from the VT campus. The following airlines have flights going in / coming out of Roanoke Regional Airport:

  • Allegiant Air
  • Delta
  • United Airlines
  • US Airways

The closest general aviation airport is Virginia Tech/Montgomery Executive Airport.

The driving distance from Raleigh, NC is 200-233 miles (depending on route).

Directions from Airport to Hotel

Roanoke Regional Airport 5202 Aviation Drive Northwest, Roanoke, Virginia 24012

  1. exit Parking lot
    Take the 1st right onto Aviation Dr NW
  2. Take the VA-101 W/Hershberger Rd ramp to I-58
  3. Merge onto VA-101 W/Hershberger Rd NW
  4. Merge onto I-581 N/US-220 N via the ramp to Lexington/Bristol/I-81/Blacksburg
  5. Take exit 1S on the left to merge onto I-81 S toward Salem/Bristol
  6. Take exit 118B toward U.S 460 W/Blacksburg
  7. Continue onto US-460 W
  8. Exit onto VA-412 N/Prices Fork Rd/State Route 685 toward Downtown
  9. Left at First Stop Light
  10. Arrive

The Inn at Virginia Tech and Skelton Conference Center 901 Prices Fork Road, Blacksburg, VA 24061-0100

Airport shuttle

Smartway Bus to/from airport:

Consult the bus schedule before booking flights (there is no bus service on Sunday). The closest stop to the hotel and FUDCon is the Squires Student Center. (Call the Hotel Directly at 540 231-8000 for shuttle when you get off at Squires)

Map To Event, FUDPub Hotel


  • A = Inn At Virginia Tech
  • C = Squires Student Center (FUDPub)
  • D = Event Location (McBryde Hall)

Local Transportation

Local Mass Transit Blacksburg Transit


At the hotel

The hotel has a significant amount of parking and has told us they don't believe there will be a problem accommodating some out of town drivers there.

(Get Parking passes at Visitors center and Parking at the Inn is Free).

Virginia Tech

VT visitor parking information

Network Access

Virginia Tech operates a campus-wide 802.11g network, with 802.11a and 802.11n also supported in some areas. (802.11b-only devices will not work!) You will need to register for a guest wireless account before arriving (see below).

There is also wireless ethernet available at the hotel. Refer to the information provided by your hotel for details.

The four major mobile phone providers (AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile, Verizon) have coverage in Blacksburg, but most of them have poor coverage inside buildings on campus. Of the four, Verizon has the best coverage. Prepaid mobile phones are available at several businesses on University City Boulevard, within walking distance of the hotel.

Wireless Registration

Everyone needs to sign up for a guest wireless account (before arriving at the event, please).

  1. Go to the guest wireless registration page
  2. Enter Start Date: 1/13/2012, for example
  3. Enter End Date: 1/15/2012, for example
  4. Sponoring Department: Select Mathematics
  5. Contact Person: Ben Williams
  6. Purpose: FUDCon
  7. Click the Create Request button
  8. Enter email address and select New Guest
  9. Fill out form including check the secret questions and password boxes and agree to the Acceptable Use Policy
  10. Click Create Account

Packing List


International visitors:

  • Passport/visa and any other official documentation needed
  • Converters for power (reference link[1])

If staying at the hotel:

  • Optional: swimsuit, gym clothes.[2]


FUDCon is a community event in which the complete schedule is developed interactively starting with an opening orientation session. Attendance at orientation is recommended for those who are new to this format, or to FUDCon, Fedora, or free and open source software community events in general.

General Schedule

  • Friday, January 13
    • Starting at 9:00am, McBryde Hall, 2nd Floor. Hackfests / Workshops.
  • Saturday, January 14
    • 8:30am - 5:00pm. Meet up at McBryde Hall, Room 100 in the morning; 2nd floor of McBryde hall for the afternoon.
    • Morning: FPL State of Fedora, Barcamp pitches. Later in the morning, for duration of day: Barcamp sessions.
    • FUDPub: Squires Student Zone, 7:00pm - 10:00pm
  • Sunday, January 15
    • 9:00am - 5:00pm, McBryde Hall, 2nd Floor. Hackfests/Workshops.

Friday, January 13

Time Room 219 Room 209 Room 224 Room 231 Room 226
1000 Fedora ARM (I) Fedora Infra: Fixing staging Planning
1200 Lunch
1300 Drupal internals (I) Fedora ARM (II) Hacking Aeolus mw-render Implementing the new spins process in Trac
1400 Drupal internals (II) Hacking Snap
1500 AutoQA Making people understand that we are not fedora employees and we have a real life going on when we are offline Try my hardware! (Keyboards, graphics tablets)
1600 Fedora Board -- Goals/Objectives for next year
1900 Amateur Radio Test Session
Time Room 233 Room 230 Room 232 Room 9 (TBD) Room 10 (TBD)
0900 Systemtap team meeting Secondary arches (w/IBM!)
1000 Systemtap team meeting Secondary arches (w/IBM!)
1100 Systemtap team meeting Secondary arches (w/IBM!)
1200 Lunch
1300 Systemtap team meeting Secondary arches (w/IBM!)
1400 Systemtap team meeting Secondary arches (w/IBM!) 2 factor auth in fedora infrastructure
1500 Systemtap team meeting
1600 Systemtap team meeting

Saturday, January 14

Sessions last 50 minutes, with 10-minute breaks between each session.

Time What Location
0830 Meet up McBryde Hall 100
0845 Welcome and organization
0855 Group photo
0900 The Highly Esteemed Fedora Project Leader's World-Famous State of Fedora Address!
0930 BarCamp topics and voting
1030–1120 Workshops and BarCamp sessions (see below) 2nd floor, McBryde Hall
1130–1250 Lunch
1300–1650 Workshops and BarCamp sessions (see below) 2nd floor, McBryde Hall
1900–2200 FUDPub BreakZone Squires Student Center
BarCamp sessions
Time BarCamp A
BarCamp B
BarCamp C
1030–1120 Making Fedora Package Maintenance Easier Deploying to the cloud via Fedora Aeolus Cloud 0.1
1300–1350 Fedora ARM project Introduction to Gluster Katello: A Sysadmin's Fortress
1400–1450 Introducing Secure Linux Containers Cloudstack Draft Trademark Guidelines
1500–1550 Fedora and the Raspberry Pi — ROOM 209 OpenStack Fedora Extended Lifecycle Support
1600–1650 Lightning Talks OpenShift Matahari
Time BarCamp D
BarCamp E
BarCamp F
1030–1120 Secondary Arches Tito / Building RPMs Boxgrinder
1300–1350 FOSS@RIT SELinux Ruby
1400–1450 Professional photography with Linux Package categorization and distribution construction Coroutines in C/C++
1500–1550 High availability clustering with Fedora Fedora Kernel Pulp
1600–1650 Users vs. Contributors Security BOF Fedora QA / Testing
Time Workshop 1
Room 204
Workshop 2
Room 219
Workshop 3
Room 224
Workshop 4
Room 238
Workshop 5
Room 209
1030–1120 Intro to Fedora Docs Systemtap team meeting An intro to Gluster architecture and translators
1300–1350 Intro to DocBook XML and Publican System Administration Study Group Open Source Tools in Design Introduction to SystemTap
1500–1550 Getting involved with the Fedora ARM project Fedora and Raspberry Pi
1600–1650 Ask Fedora CAcert Assurance Event
1700–1750 GPG Key Signing Event

Sunday, January 15

Time Room 1
Not 231
Room 2
Room 3
Not 204
Room 4
Room 5
0900 Fedora Insight Calendar use cases hackfest F17 Docs Hackfest Intro to Fedora QA workshop OpenStack Hackfest
1000 Fedora ARM
1200 Lunch
1300 Fedora Insight Calendar use cases hackfest Fedora Board: Planning for 2012 / Fedora Council / Fedora Finance Cloud-init hackfest
Time Room 329 Room 7
Room 8
Room 9
Room 10
0900 Anaconda / QA Hackfest(s)
1000 FAmSCo Election rules Writing SELinux Policy Workshop Anaconda / QA Hackfest(s)
1100 Fedora Ambassador Summit Anaconda / QA Hackfest(s)
1200 Lunch
1300 RHN Satellite/Spacewalk (Thomas Cameron) Anaconda / QA Hackfest(s)
1400 Anaconda / QA Hackfest(s)

Hackfests & Workshops

Instructions: If you want to have a hackfest or a workshop, please list it below for possible early scheduling of room space.

Hackfests are collaborative sessions to work on a problem, issue or area of Fedora.

Workshops are a classroom style session session (with varying levels of interaction) teaching about software or processes.

Type Name of Event Day(s) Lead Time per session # of Sessions
Workshop Intro to Fedora Docs Sat Sparks 1 hr 1
Workshop Intro to DocBook XML and Publican Sat Jared 2 hrs 1
Hackfest F17 Docs Hackfest Sat Sun Sparks
Workshop FUDCon:Blacksburg_2012_GPG_Key_Signing_Event Sparks and nb 1.5 hr 1
Workshop CAcert Assurance Event (possibly combined with GPG Key Signing Event) ?? nb 1.5-2 hr 1
Workshop Intro to Drupal Internals Sat Paul Frields and Sid Wilroy 2 hrs 1
Hackfest Design team toolchain hackfest Sat Emily Dirsh 1
Hackfest Insight calendar use cases hackfest Sun Pascal Calarco 20 mins. interview 1
Workshop Intro to Fedora QA: software testing, test plans and test cases Sat, late PM Sandro Mathys 1h 1
Hackfest Anaconda QA hackfest: getting ready and starting QA on Anaconda 17 Sun Sandro Mathys 4h 1
Hackfest Fedora Infrastructure: Revamping our staging server setup, then implemeting it Fri and Sun Kevin Fenzi 2h 2
Hackfest Fedora Infrastructure: 2 factor authentication brainstorming Sat Kevin Fenzi 2h 1
Workshop Fedora Infrastructure: Getting started/apprentices/Getting involved Sun Kevin Fenzi 1h 1
Worksop Using Fedora Infrastructure as a Classroom: Python Programming Fri Toshio Kuratomi 1h 1
Workshop Using Fedora Infrastructure as a Classroom: Releasing Free Software Fri Toshio Kuratomi 1h or less 1
Hackfest Using Fedora Infrastructure as a Classroom postmortem/brainstorm Sun Toshio Kuratomi 1-2h 1
workshop Learning how to use Blender: Environment and Shapes - Textures and Lights - Rigging and Animation 6h María "tatica" Leandro 2h 3
workshop Web Style and CSS: How did we build and how to improove it 2h María "tatica" Leandro 2h 1
Hackfest Rethinking Fedora governance: The Fedora Council don't care Christoph Wickert 2h 1
Hackfest Ambassadors: New FAmSCo election rules and standard operating procedures don't care Christoph Wickert 2h 1
Hackfest Implementing the new spins process in Trac Sun Christoph Wickert 2h 1
Hackfest Improving Desktop and Spins QA don't care Christoph Wickert 2h 1
Hackfest Hacking aeolus - Using the APIs to deploy to the cloud in interesting ways from Fedora don't care Mo Morsi 2h 1
Hackfest Hacking snap - Adding more custom snapshot targets to take on Fedora don't care Mo Morsi 2h 1
Hackfest MirrorManager TG2 conversion & testing don't care Matt Domsch 4h 1
Hackfest OpenStack packaging & testing don't care Matt Domsch & Cloud SIG 4h 1
Hackfest Getting Fedora Stuff into EC2-land so that you can yum-update/install from EC2 Robyn Bergeron Friday afternoon or Sunday morning 1
Hackfest Making people understand that we are not fedora employees and we have a real life going on when we are offline 1 María "tatica" Leandro & Jared Smith & Eric Christensen 1h 1
Hackfest Fedora Finance don't care inode0 2h 1
Hackfest Fedora Ambassador Summit don't care inode0 2h 1
Hackfest Fedora Election Wrangling/Standardization don't care inode0 2h 1
Hackfest AutoQA Self-testing Friday afternoon John Dulaney 1h 1
Hackfest Hacking GlusterFS - Using Gluster's translator APIs to create new filesystems on GlsuterFS Sat or Sun Jeff Darcy 2h 1
Workshop Introduction to SystemTap Sat wcohen 2 hrs 1
Fun! Try my keyboard (mouse/graphics tablet/etc)! Fri Toshio Kuratomi 1 hour 1
Hackfest mw-render replacement Friday John McDonough 2h 1
Hackfest Making cloud-init more useful on Fedora Fri or Sun Garrett Holmstrom 2h 1
Workshop Open Source Tools in Design Saturday, 1 PM - 4 PM Máirín Duffy & the Fedora design team 3 hrs 1

Proposed Barcamp Sessions

Please fill in the following grid with proposed BarCamp sessions: (If listed here will be Printed and at the Site ready for your Pitch)

Session name Description User Level Lead
Fedora Test automation: State of the union Discuss the current tools used to do automated regression test on Fedora, accomplishments and roadmap Intermediate Lucas Meneghel Rodrigues
Using control groups (cgroups) to manage resources in virtualization/cloud computing Real world examples of how to increase density in virtual or cloud computing environments via cgroups Intermediate Thomas Cameron (choirboy)
Spacewalk power user tips and tricks What to do once you've got Spacewalk up and running to automate system installation and deployment Intermediate Thomas Cameron (choirboy)
High availability clustering with Fedora How to set up a clustered GFS2 filesystem using iSCSI and run a highly available application on it Intermediate Thomas Cameron (choirboy)
Security Enhanced Linux for Mere Mortals Introduction to SELinux and real world examples of how to use it. Includes some common scenarios where you might need to configure SELinux Beginner Thomas Cameron (choirboy)
Building RPMs for mere mortals Introduction to building packages. I'll cover building RPMs from Open Source software and from binaries from software for which you don't have the source code. Beginner Thomas Cameron (choirboy)
Introduction to Fedora QA Overview on what the QA team and its various subgroups do from the beginning of the development of a new release to its EOL. (Not including AutoQA.) Beginner Sandro "red" Mathys
Creating FUDCon booklets, or "Ian's raptor-proofing talk" A quick overview on tips and tricks I've learned in creating information booklets for FUDCon Tempe and Blacksburg, and a demonstration of the tools involved and some best practices in desktop publishing. Intermediate Ian Weller
Systems Management with Matahari In this talk Russell will introduce the Matahari project, an interface for system management APIs of all kinds. Russell will discuss the architecture of the Matahari ecosystem and how the use of AMQP as a transport layer allows it to scale to large collections of servers in the Cloud. Russell will also describe the ways in which developers and system administrators can get involved in the Matahari ecosystem: by creating agents to provide access to existing APIs through Matahari; by creating their own APIs; by writing their own clients to interact with agents; and by interacting through a command line shell or script. Advanced Russell Bryant
Fedora and the Raspberry Pi The Raspberry Pi is a $25-35 computer aimed at provoking curiosity about computers and programming in the same way that BBC Micros, ZX-80/81s, Commodore 64s, Atari 400/800s, and Apple ][s did in the 80's. This computer features an ARM11 core and a ridiculously strong GPU with HD output, and it runs Fedora! Any Chris Tyler
Introduction to Gluster Jeff Darcy and John Mark Walker will lead the audience on a tour of GlusterFS: it's architecture, origins and community. Beginner Jeff Darcy & [[User:Johnmark|John Mark Walker] & ]Sid Wilroy
Using Fedora to make logos, t-shirts, stickers, and other fun swag You've got an awesome software project or community but you've got no swag! Oh nos, however will you get people to hang out at your booth at the latest conference? Do you (*gulp*) need the Adobe Suite and a Mac....? No way!! Everything you need is in Fedora! We'll walk through some basic logo creation techniques in Inkscape. Then, using both Inkscape and Scribus, we'll create a basic, print-ready circular design that you could use for buttons or stickers. Finally, we'll create an affordable, print-ready T-shirt design again using Inkscape and Scribus. Throughout, we'll go over how to create CMYK rather than RBG designs so your Fedora blue won't run purple! Beginner Máirín Duffy
Fedora Inspire: A virtual conference While we are all lucky to make it to FUDcon, there are many FUDcon contributors around the world who have not had the opportunity to come even though they would love to be here. Would it be cool to have a week-long TED-like conference, run on Fedora Planet, where every day of the event a new 15-minute video is posted from someone doing inspirational work in or with Fedora? How is Fedora being used in schools, to build robots, to create awesome music? Let's find out! If you would like to help brainstorm how we could make this happen and pitch in to make it happen, please come! Any Máirín Duffy
Katello: A Sysadmin's Fortress Katello is here to help you take control of your software and your systems in an easy-to-use and scalable manner. Focusing on the software lifecycle, you can organize that content into repositories that are easily searchable, filtered, manipulated and controlled in a locked-down container called an Environment. Intermediate Justin Sherrill
Making Fedora Package Maintenance Easier Come check out the unveiling of new tools for Fedora package maintainers designed and developed by the Fedora engineering team! We'll demo our staging instance and let you log in and kick the tires. Give us any feedback or wishlist items you have to make working with Fedora packages easier! Intermediate to Advanced Tom Callaway
FOSS@RIT: Academic and Student Engagement Come meet the students and staff from "The FOSSBox" at Rochester Institute of Technology. We will give a brief overview of engagement strategies for working with our students inside and outside of the classroom, in both sponsored and volunteer capacities. Our students will demo some of their projects they have been working on such as The RIT Remixerator, and a handful of Educational Games developed on the XO laptops. Any Remy DeCausemaker
Pulp: Juicy Software Repository Management The Pulp team is finishing up testing of version 1.0, bringing repository and consumer management to your infrastructure. This talk will cover an overview of the 1.0 features and a look at the new architecture of 2.0. Pulp version 2.0 will support non-RPM content in the form of user-defined content types, including modeling relationships between content units. Leverage existing Pulp features such as consumer management, scheduling, concurrency, and throttling to write your own plugins to customize content import and publishing for your needs. Intermediate Jay Dobies
Introducing Secure Linux Containers Come and see what we are building for Secure Containers in Fedora 17/18. Help us Vet our ideas! Intermediate to Advanced Dan Walsh
Writing SELinux Policy Learn how to confine an application with SELinux! Intermediate to Advanced Dan Walsh
Multi-Tenancy Problems Discuss the types of problems and solutions in allowing multiple untrusted/semitrusted users on to a computer at the same time. Multi-User Systems, OpenShift, Linux Container, Virtualization Intermediate Dan Walsh
Package categorization & distribution construction If you ever were concerned about package groups or the comps file, stop by. Intermediate Bill Nottingham
Kerberos Two Factor Authentication Discuss the current status of 2FA deployments and the work Red Hat is doing to improve the state of 2FA in Kerberos Intermediate Nathaniel McCallum
Coroutines/Continuations in C Learn about what coroutines are, how to use them and what mechanisms are available in C Advanced Nathaniel McCallum
Cloud 0.1 An overview of how and why (not) to host your own services, the old-school way Intermediate-ish Adam Williamson
tito tool for managing RPM based projects using git Beginner jesus rodriguez
Draft Trademark Guidelines review of proposed changes to Trademark Guidelines Any Pamela Chestek
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Meetings are on Wednesdays in #fedora-meeting at 17:00 UTC (9am US pacific, Noon US eastern.)


The current spreadsheet for subsidy requests is here.

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